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Recommendations for Carpet Care and Cleaning please observe the following recommendations to keep your carpet as elegant as ever:

* Your carpet is produced by use of a digital printing on a micro polyester fabric, foam rubber in between and a PVC base underneath it.

* Do not apply any clapping or beating technique on the carpet. You can use a vacuum sweeper with a brushless tip to vacuum it. 

* Do not use washing machine. Wipe off with natural soap or carpet shampoo with a soft piece of cloth.

* Use water not warmer than 30ºC for wiping.

* After cleaning, lay it on the floor and dry it in a short time. Do not use it when wet and keep it away from direct sunlight.

* Seek support from a professional company for general cleaning purposes. 

* Keep your carpet rolled in a moisture-free place when not in use.

* Any wrinkle to emerge because it is a rolled product will disappear when the product is unrolled on a smooth surface.

* This product is made in Turkey.

Carpet 917

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